The highly prospective Teren-Sai deposit, adjacent to the Sekisovskoye mine, has the potential to enable us to grow significantly beyond our core asset based at the Sekisovskoye mine with an area of 200 km2.
The Teren- Sai Project is a gold exploration project that is 1 out of 5 targets at Sekisovskoye Ore Field which were identified in the historical data purchased by Altyn in May 2014. The Teren- Sai Project is located in the East Kazakhstan Oblast and is adjacent to Altyn's operating Sekisovskoye Mine territory.Of these targets, Altyn is currently focused on exploration and development of Area No.2, which consists of four breccia bodies. Altyn is currently targeting two of these breccias for development at this stage.

The appraisal work carried out in this area, made use of the historic data purchased by the Company and related to core drilling, exploratory trenching and detailed metallurgical test work. This will allow for focused work in relation to estimating the mineral resources and reserves, which will subsequently be confirmed by a detailed Competenant Persons Report (CPR) , in accordance with the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves, 2012 edition ("the JORC Code").

At present, Altyn has been extracting test ores of gold which is being supplied to Altyn MM LLP's beneficiation plant for further studies and testing of the mineral extraction technology required.
The development of the Teren-Sai is currently being carried out using the existing assets and infrastructure of the Company. External funding will be considered as the project progresses with consideration of the cost of development and all associated costs.

The deposit being located 5 km, in the north-western part of the currently operated Sekisovskoye deposit has a sufficiently developed infrastructure which will, in future, enable us to establish an independent large mining-and-processing enterprise, and integrsate it into the current operations.
Exploration area of 200km2
around Sekisovskoye deposit
Good infrastructure, roads,
and access to existing
processing plant
Significant prior exploration
and mining (mapping drilling, trenching, sampling)
Historical exploration database contains results from 261 holes
of total 95 588 r.m.
Multiple exploration targets
with significant prior works
Multiple other mineral
deposits including Pb and Cu
19 identified breccia
pipe structures
The Teren-Sai is located close to the Sekisovskoye, northeast of Ust-Kamenogorsk, the regional capital, in the North East Kazakhstan, with excellent local infrastructure to support exploration and production